St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Organ History

The Pipe Organs at St. Paul's Church

Music and a history of instruments at St. Paul?s reveals a long list of many people giving of their time and talent.        

There is an old document that mentions a hand pumped melodia in St. Paul?s Church when it was located at College and Meadow Streets.  This is the first know reference to music at St. Paul's. This church building burned during the Civil War.

One of the first organs in St. Paul?s Church on East Street was a two manual Bennett Pipe Organ, made in Chicago in 1906.  The instrument had tubular pneumatic action and it took someone to pump and someone to play.  Vestry Minutes report:  "In 1906 Rev. T. D. Windgate became our rector.  To him we are chiefly indebted for our pipe organ.  His energy is getting the parish to give, and his own generous contribution to the fund, making this acquisition to our worship possible."

Stop list for the Bennett Organ


16 Bourdon            

8 Open Diapason

8 Gedeck

8 Dulcianat 


8 Stopped Diapason  

8 Salicional 

4 Flute d'amore


Gt to Ped 8

Sw to Ped 8

Sw to Gt16, 8, 4

Gt to Gt 4

An electric blower was added after electric motors became available. The key action of the instrument was electrified in the 1940?s. (That means electric magnets were used to pull the valves open under the pipes.)  The Vestry minutes of December 6th, 1944, read:  The Rector asked permission to move the pipe organ into the small southeast room and to electrify the organ, advising that he had on hand, to be used at his discretion, funds sufficient to do the work with respect to the organ.  He asked the vestry to defray the expense of repairing the floor and walls in the space occupied by the organ, shortening up the chancel and purchasing needed new pews.  (Space must have always been a problem at St. Paul's!)  At some point a Kilgen Console was installed in place of the original console.

The Bennett was literally chopped out and thrown in to the yard in about 1950.  (I wish we still had the pipes from the Bennett, especially the 8? Gedeckt.)

The Bennett Organ was replaced with an electronic two manual Baldwin Organ in about 1950. There is a proposed Organ Contract for a new pipe organ from The Reuter Organ Company submitted to Mr. Leland Bryan on July 31st, 1950, but was never purchased.  The organ would have had ten ranks for a price tag of $8212.00.   The Baldwin was used until the Schantz Organ was installed in 1963.

(The above information is provided in part by Sam Donelson, who played the Bennett Organ when he was in grade school.)

A contract was signed for a new pipe organ for St. Paul?s Church on August 22nd, 1960, by Marious Lindloff, Rector; Herbert Lewis, Senior Warden and Graven C. Chimer, Junior Warden.  The stop list was altered after the contract was signed.  The price was $18,610.00 which later grew to $19,300.00.  The church was extended at this time and the chambers were erected to house the organ.

The Women's Auxiliary of St. Paul?s helped raise money for the organ that is still in use today.  Sam Donelson recalls that his Mother was president of the Women?s Auxilary during that time and also remembers many bake sales and bazaars.

Mildred Andrews, Professor of Music at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, dedicated the new organ on Sunday afternoon, February 16th, 1964. Her very impressive program included works of Bach, Walther, Arne, Franck, Dupré, Messiaen, and Charpentier.

Mildred Crow was the organist during this installation and by 1967 was writing letters to add stops to the organ.

In 1992 the Range Organ Company of Dallas, Texas, began maintaining the organ at St. Paul?s.  A Celeste rank with off-set chest was added to the Swell.  A Principal rank with off-set chest was added to the Great.  In 1998, a three manual console was installed in place of the original console.  The organ console was given to the Glory of God through a major bequest from Lucille Long Rogers, and in memory of Richard Rogers Deroulhac, and through gifts in memory of Ginger Crisp, Frances Lindloff, and Paul Schultz. The Oboe rank with off-set chest added to the Great in 1998, was given in thanksgiving for the Music Minstry of Linda Kelly and Jennifer Brown.   The Thomas Trumpet was added in September, 1999, with off-set chest, to the Great division; and was given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Grover Thomas by his girls, Bettie, Ann, and Katherine.

Since October of 1999, the organ has been maintained by Nichols-Simpson Pipe Organ Builders of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Wayne Simpson has spent many hours regulating and re-voicing all the pipes in the organ.

Stop List for the Schantz Organ       17 Ranks of Pipes 15 Stops
Great Organ with # of pipes listed                                                

1. 8 Principal ( original 49 notes disconnected) - 61
        (49 notes of 8 Principal added on off-set chest in 1992)
2. 8 Spitzflote - 61
3. 4 Octave - 61
4. 2 Super Octave (from Mixture) - 61
5. IV Mixture - 183
6. Oboe (added in 1998-Gift from the Hayward Family) - 61
        Great to Great 4
        Zimbelstern (added in ? - Gift from Rev. John Edwards)

Swell Organ with #of pipes listed

7. 8 Viola - 61
8. 8 Voix Celeste (added in 1992) - 49
9. 8 Gedeckt -  61
10. 4 Rohr Flute - 61
11. 2 Gemshorn - 61
12. 8 Trumpet - 61
        Swell to Swell 16 & 4

Choir Organ with # of pipes listed

13. 8 Hooded Trumpet (added in August, 1999 ) - 61
     (Gift from the Thomas Family)
     Choir to Choir 4

Pedal Organ with # of pipes listed

14. 16 Bourdon - 32
        16 Violone (Swell) (extension of  7) - 12
15. 8 Octave - 32
          8 Viola (Swell)                                                                
          8 Gedeckt (Swell)                                                      
          4 Principal (extension of 15) - 12
         4 Flute (Swell)                                        


8 Gt to Ped          16 Sw to Gt          8 Ch to Gt         16 Sw to Ch
8 Sw to Ped           8 Sw to Gt          4 Ch to Gt          8 Sw to Ch
4 Sw to Ped           4 Sw to Gt                                     4 Sw to Ch

Musicians at St. Paul's
Faithful Choir Members for over 150 years
Miss Mary Walker
Mrs. J. D. Walker
Miss Belle Dean
Edwards Brooks
Professor Botefuhr - 1872 - Music Professor at the University of Arkansas
Laying of the Cornerstone, 1872:  Professor Botefuhr was assisted by Professor McCandless, Professor Pearson, Dr. Young ? Violins & Bass Viol,  and The Fayetteville Brass Band
Dr. Henry Doughty Tovey - Music Professor at the University of Arkansas
Mrs. Mary Bateman - Mrs. Victor (Ophelia White) Russum - Mr. Russell Burnet
Mrs. Tom W. (Mary Beryle Addley Hatton) Lightfoot
Mrs. Homer (Mildred [PeeWee] Gillespie) Crow
Dr. Helen Yvonne Hughes
Mrs. Marius (Frances) Lindloff
Dr. John Cowell - Music Professor at the University of Arkansas
Dr. Campbell Johnson - Music Professor at the University of Arkansas
Mrs. Frank (Sarah) Sharp
Mrs. Craig (Jennifer) Brown
Mrs. Bob (Linda) Kelly
Mr. Paul Summerlin
Also: Lillian Gregson Payne, Norman Payne, Alicia Read, and Helen Jo Adkinson